It’s the time of year where it’s wet, cold and people huddle up inside their homes and watch Netflix or TV but what else is happening in their homes? Snow fall and the heavy rain around the country has led to millions of pounds of damage to homes and houses what sort of things can landlords and tenants do to prevent this?

Much of this has to be looked after by the Tenant and it’s out of the hands of the Landlord…. Unless of course the landlord has employed a fully trained inventory clerk to perform mid-term inspections.

Strange spots on walls and ceilings.

When our agents go into properties and see stains on the wall, there are only 3 main causes of  marks and stains on walls, sometimes they are paint marks or drip stains.

It was like the Smurf Valentines day massacre…

Sometimes they’re caused by ghosts. The third reason our agents discover would be broken pipes or leaks (Also mould, but we’ll move onto that later). The AIIC train their inventory clerks to note the different marks and damp stains and add them in reports for the Landlord to note.

Or if your house is growing faces, we report it to the local exorcist

Strange spots go hand in hand with another sign to underlying damage our Agents have seen.

Peeling wallpaper.

Many people have wallpaper, (In some houses, far too much) and it’s often very pretty, except when we notice it peeling.  We look high and low, behind objects in case it is peeling, not just because of a weird obsessive compulsive disorder, peeling wallpaper often means condensation and sadly mould and mildew… Also wallpaper isn’t cheap, if it’s ripping and falling off the wall, we feel the Landlord will want to know…

Seriously it was nice wallpaper…

Our old favourite: Mould and mildew

In our experience, people are part lizards especially during the winter, they move around less, they’re lethargic and give them a hot rock to lay on and they’ll be happy. This usually takes the form of central heating and draft excluders. The only problem is, without proper ventilation the humidity is a prime breeding ground for mould and mildew, particularly around windows and external walls. Removing mildew is an inconvenience at best; but removing mould is a costly and dangerous affair.

There really is a house under there somewhere…

So wrap up warm while the weather is cold, keep an eye out for those things, or even better. Engage a friendly local (Certified) Inventory clerk. To check your properties every six months.

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