While most landlords and agents are hot on Gas and Electricity safety certificates many are less aware of their responsibilities regarding having a chimney swept.

<span “=””>Chimney fires are more common than you probably imagine with approximately 31,000 chimney fires in the UK each year. In the event of a fire originating from a fireplace with a chimney almost all insurance companies require the owner to have the chimney cleaned regularly. They will turn down claims if a chimney has not been cleaned in the last 12 months and require this to be evidenced with a ‘chimney sweeps certificate’.

<span “=””>One unlucky landlord recently found this out to the cost of £7,000 worth of damage. The property was let and managed by an agent and while let a fire broke out in the lounge room fireplace. A claim was submitted to the insurance company who promptly threw it out. Neither the agents managing the property or the landlords were aware of this requirement.

<span “=””>As the landlord said ultimately they count themselves lucky that it was only several thousand pounds worth of damage and that the whole house didn’t burn down.

The takeaway is don’t let it happen to you or your landlords.

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