The inventory clerk plays a big part in this as a neutral observer; our reports are the eyes of the Deposit protection schemes. However the strength of the report depends on a few factors:

  • First: The report has to be read. Our reports are comprehensive and there always is a pressure from the tenant to return the deposit. The protection schemes stipulate a 2 week limit to make any sort of claims, but if the money is already returned it’s too late. Keep in mind the smaller things, light bulbs being the biggest bone of contention, Tenants usually have an obligation to replace light bulbs during their tenancy and when this little detail is overlooked in the report the landlord has to foot the bill.
  • Second: The check out inspection has to take place after the tenant has vacated the property, but as soon as possible. The DPS have stated that if an inspection is booked early and the tenant is still cleaning the property the report would not have evidential value as the tenancy had not ended. So it is really important we get this timing correct so we at Valensole can contact the tenant directly to organise the best time for everyone and take the hassle away from you.
  • Third: The report must be kept. If all parties lose the report or, for instance, letting management changes during the tenancy all effort must be made to recover a copy of the report as the state of the property cannot be otherwise verified. The advantage of a third party inventory firm At Valensole we have digital reports all the way back to 2010 with offsite backup; if we do one of your reports, we will have it.

The Deposit Protection scheme underlines the importance of having a professional independent inventory. Time and time again the adjudicators refer back to them and in many cases they are the deciding factor on how much is awarded.  Whether you’re a landlord or tenant you want the best report presenting your claim and the TDS like independent inventories.

Valensole Inventories. Member of the AIIC and PRS.

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