Fair wear and tear

Fair wear and tear

The law rules that you cannot expect there to be no damage during the tenancy. Any damage caused in the natural operation of the object cannot be expected to be paid for. For instance, sun fading to curtains, or wear to carpets.

Other factors that have to be taken into account:

  • Age, length of tenancy and lifespan. One of the main items that see a lot of wear are carpets. Adjudicators have to take into account these factors. How old was the carpet at the start of the tenancy, What is the quality of the carpet (Was is £5 to £15 per SQM?) and how long was the tenancy? If the age of the carpet and length of tenancy exceed the lifespan of the carpet then any damage would be considered fair, wear and tear.
  • The number and type of tenant. It is to be expected that more people will cause more wear and that a family with young children will cause more wear than professional adults, whether there are pets as well should be considered.
  • Does the lease allow Smoking. Cigarette smoke will severely damage many things and nicotine staining can build up if it’s not cleaned.
  • Is the property prone to damp. This is a whole kettle of fish that is complicated and full of exceptions. In this situation professional advice should be sought

Other considerations must include the garden, while it can be expected the garden receives maintenance their death is not something for which tenants can be held responsible.

It’s a minefield to be sure. It is best to seek advice from professional accredited inventory clerks. We at Valensole Inventories will be happy to help you.

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