Fire Safety

It is nearly a year since the Grenfell tower and if that tragedy has taught us nothing it is that fire safety should not be ignored. Legally there are certain things that have to be done in a rented property.

There are many legal obligations on a landlord regarding fire safety regarding both rented properties and HMO’s. Along with Approved document B (Vol 1- Dwellinghouses) landlords can turn to letting agents for advice. As inventory clerks we are often hand over keys to the Tenant, so along with inspecting the entire property we are on the look out for things in particular

  • Smoke alarms. there must be One smoke alarm for every floor there is a room for habitation (Which includes bathrooms). We note them in the report and try our best to push to test button. It should be noted Landlords are responsible for providing a working smoke alarm at the start of the tenancy and it is the Tenant’s responsibility to maintain the alarm. It is not unreasonable to expect a working smoke alarm at check out.
  • Dangerous wiring. Exposed wires or cracked or fascias, we inspect the entire house and will note any damage to power points or wires. PAT testing is highly recommended
  • Furniture. FFR labels visible. Unless the furniture is made before January 1st 1950 it must have this label or the furniture must be removed prior to tenancy commencing.
  • Carbon Monoxide alarms. Presently they are not required by law. However it is heavily suggested.

This is the season of open fire cooking and dry flammable surroundings. Keeping a closer eye out on things won’t hurt you, but failing to could.

Valensole Inventories.

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