Renting out a property is a long term relationship. Don’t forget to check in occasionally

I’m sure we’ve all been there. The flush of first meeting, the trepidation of what’s to come…

Once those keys have been handed over you are entering into a relationship with a tenant and as anyone in a long term relationship will tell you… Check in with your other half.

One year is a long time, and if some laws go through it may be longer than you think. But long term tenancies can be a great thing, regular reliable rent, tenants that look after the property… But what if they aren’t model tenants?

The best way is to check in on them on a regular basis. Nothing intrusive, you don’t want to be seen as the controlling Spou… I mean landlord. We at Valensole Inventories perform such a service.

A mid term inspection every six months or so will send a neutral 3rd party to your property to just walk around see how your property is being treated. If you schedule one with us we will contact the tenants and organise the visit.

Everyone is happy and if you don’t have the perfect tenants you’ll soon find out.

We will note the cleanliness of the property, also any smokers and also the presence of pets or an authorised tenants.

This service also gives the tenant the chance to inform us of any repairs that are needed to be done.

We also suggest a visit a few weeks before the end of the tenancy, so that we can advise tenants what we look for at check out with regards to cleaning issues and any damage that they have done to the property to repair it, this will enable a speedy return of their deposit.

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