Six things that jump out at Inventory clerks during a check out.



Leaving a property is always emotional, either with rose coloured memories of past times… or the dark pawl of broken promises and dreams. In either case, people don’t always remember how things were before they…. ‘personalised’ things.

But that’s why sensible people get an independent inventory clerk in to do a check in and check out. Presented here are the six things that jump out during check outs.


All joking aside, this one is always noticed, not just because (like the others) tenants always forget about it. Moulds produce allergens, irritants and sometimes toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mould spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing and skin rash. Moulds also can cause asthma attacks,


If this is familiar, your property may have a problem.

So it’s very important to make sure your bathroom is vented properly, and that your other rooms are well ventilated and in most tenancy agreements: Mould is the tenant’s responsibility


Walls are often the canvas of the house and having a coloured wall you can live with is a great thing. Most rental properties have neutral colours, Cream, Beige, off white etc. If that doesn’t suit you ASK PERMISSION FROM THE LANDLORD to repaint it. I think we can all agree, Fireball, Machine Head and Stormbringer were classics, but not everyone else likes Deep Purple.


You see what I did there.

Trust us. We have taken note of the colour of the walls before the tenancy. If it was Beige when you went in, make sure it’s beige when you go out.

Holes in the walls

No one says you can’t hang pictures. (Pictures can help hide that hideous beige wall) and nail holes are to be expected, but for heaven’s sake use the correct nails. Picture hooks and small nail holes are usually acceptable; roofing nails usually not. Be careful when putting nails in, hammer dents in the walls and chipped plaster are almost always frowned upon. Also the quantity, one of our clerks completed a check out and reported one wall previously had 5 nail holes, upon check out that number had increased to 46 when quizzed about this, the tenant seemed confused about the sudden infestation of nail holes and was pretty sure they were there at the start of the agreement, they weren’t. Again, it’s our job. We notice these things.


Holes? What holes. Nah… they were there when we moved in

Dirty/damaged floors/carpets

Personally speaking the worst situation with flooring that I have come across was a floor that had completely rotten floorboards covered in a linoleum covering. The Tenant was in complete denial about the floor insisting the floor was like that when they moved in.

It wasn’t of course; we pay attention to the number of blu-tak marks left on a kitchen wall. We would notice the floor acting like a 70’s waterbed.


Not the water bed situation, but you just as bad.

This wasn’t the tenant’s fault, it was a structural issue caused by a neighbour’s flooding, but the landlord could have done something about it before it got to this stage. The worst a tenant has done was have a carpeted floor and a sick pet (which the tenant was not meant to have), but at the same time owned up to this on check out.


It was for the best. The vet said the cricket bat was the most humane way.

The carpet had to be replaced and it wasn’t cheap so a lot of tenants try to hide this fact but it’s usually best just to admit to it straight away. We do move furniture to look behind it when possible.


Ovens (BOG off)

There are a few places in a property we absolutely have to have photographic evidence of. Meters, Toilets and ovens, because when it comes to these areas, people will disagree about everything. But with our photos we can prove how dirty the toilet is, what the correct meter readings are and, of course, how much burnt on grease is left in the oven and/or hob. Remember, a professional oven clean can run up to Eighty pounds or more and more importantly most tenancy agreements state that appliances and fixtures will be left in a good condition, not ‘the same’ condition.


Some people say it adds to the flavour…

Missing Keys.

This is self explanatory, if we gave you two sets of three keys, we’re expecting the same back. We really are careful about such things.


Some keys are easier to track than others.

So what’s the take away in all this?

None of these things happen all at the same time. Except once… and we don’t talk about that house any more.


It was for the best…

But in all cases a some of the worry was taken away by the fact they had inspections done by trained clerks. There were records of previous conditions and current conditions, and lets face it, peace of mind is worth a lot.


How much would you pay to alleviate worry?


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