There are a lot of field fillable inventory templates available and they can be very tempting to use. While we will always advocate using a professional accredited inventory firm, if you do use one here are some things you need to keep in mind.

  • Detail is key. While you may know what you mean by ‘some damage to cabinet’ the adjudicator does not. If at the end of the tenancy more damage is done ‘some’ can mean a great many things.
  • Be methodical in your description. It can happen that duplicate descriptions appear. Even the template gives a structure you should have your own and make sure you don’t miss anything. It’s hard to claim for damage in the ceiling when it’s condition isn’t mentioned in the inventory report.
  • Photos should be relevant, good quality and labelled. Most importantly: IN FOCUS. Photographs aren’t needed, but if present make sure the subject is in full frame or at least some sort of pointer (Like a pen or pencil) towards the subject in question.

There are other things that can help, agreed upon terms. Guidance from deposit scheme agencies, years of experience doing inventories. But always consider using a Professional Inventory firm, we take a great deal of hassle out of the process.

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