Our problem is that at the end of tenancies landlords and lettings agents are giving the all clear to release funds with only a cursory look through the check-out report. This leads to a number disputes after the deposit has been released

The summary will only show major issues; minor details like blown light bulbs or the number of nail holes that need to be filled will be mentioned only in the main report and as the deposit has already been returned the cost has to be passed onto the (somewhat) irate landlord.

There are 2 weeks from the end of tenancy for claims to be made. Our reports are delivered within 2 working days of our visit, leaving 12 days where claims can be made and while there may be pressure from the tenant the appropriate time should be taken before releasing the deposit.

The reports allow landlords and letting agents to be less surprised about additional costs that may arise or maintenance issues. If the reports aren’t read damage may go unnoticed until it is too late.

A the majority of cases end with a split award, a third of the disputes end with 100% of the deposit being returned to the tenant and only a fifth of disputes favour the Landlord so every piece of evidence supporting claims is vital. In 2015 and 2016 the average dispute amount was £863; our reports may be the tipping point, can you afford to not read them?

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