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Everyone has horror stories about renting, either as a Landlord or as a tenant.

As a Landlord the nightmare has to be the Tenant that leaves their tenancy having damaged and/or stolen the contents of the property.


Or the exact opposite…

On the other side of the nightmare must be the unscrupulous Landlord who makes up damage and stolen items and prevents the security deposit from being returned

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And I charged them for a Matisse painting in the living room! And it was actually a Pollock!

And now that renters now outnumber homebuyers those stories are sure to increase; so how do you protect yourself from such things? I’m glad you asked.

Have an inventory report.

A professionally done Inventory report will have a full description of the property and it’s condition along with having photographs. Ideally you would have a professional inventory firm make the document so you also have a Clerk who will, if need be, testify the property was in that condition.

If it comes to a court visit we also do that

If it comes to a court visit we also do that

And if the worse comes to the worst there will be an independent 3rd party that will say this report was correct at time of making and that the contents are true to the best of their abilities. That isn’t just insurance against something happening.

Its peace of mind knowing that when it comes to rental properties we can be there to say: “Hey… we’ve got your back.”



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