In my business, Wikibabs, we are passionate about delivering value for money and excellent customer service.

I have had problem tenants at a property I own as a buy to let. The tenants refused to leave after their contract expired and even after a court order for possession was obtained. Months later, I suspected they may have left one day without conducting a check out or handing back the keys. I attended my property to check and they had vacated as well as taken my leather sofa and two beds with them too. Also they owed over 3 months of rent with no forwarding address given either.

I needed this all logged as quickly as possible with a check out. I called Bruce Thomas of Valensole Inventories and informed him of the circumstances. Bruce immediately shifted a slot in his diary to cater to my need of getting the check out done immediately. He attended my property the very next morning.

Within days I had his check out report. I had a look at it and it was so detailed with over 100 photos. I compared it with the check in report and they were night and day. The level of detail in Bruce’s report was just so much better and anyone could tell he was very thorough with his inspection.

Bruce’s level of customer care, work ethic and how prompt he was is very impressive. I have no hesitation in recommending Bruce Thomas for all your inventory needs. Raj Babbra - Wikibabs
Dear Bruce

Thank you so much for providing an exceptionally professional and independent check in and check out service for our house we recently let.

The level of detail provided has helped us make a clear case for compensation via the tenants’ deposit for items damaged. This would not have been possible had we tried to do some sort of DIY inventory.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bruce to anyone who is considering letting a property as he makes the process seamless, goes above and beyond by collecting keys from agents and is also proactive in making arrangements to visit the property.

Many thanks for providing an outstanding inventory service. We will be recommending you to anyone who requires a professional inventory service. Lorraine Windsor - Social Matrix Ltd
I recently had a long standing tenant move out of a rental property, to be replaced by a new tenant.

I needed a check out inventory and a check in inventory and wanted to use Bruce because I know how thorough he is.

I previously had used the managing agent’s inventory company and I have always lost out on the deposit, even though the property has been damaged. Due to poor detail in the inventory report.

Bruce was thorough and professional and done in no time.

I highly recommend Bruce, he is extremely detailed. Sacheen Yadav - Pennyhills